Action research through lesson study: a space for learning in initial teacher training

Este trabajo explorar la influencia de la Lesson Study en la reconstrucción del conocimiento práctico de los estudiantes durante la formación inicial como profesores.

Resumen The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of Lesson Study on reconstructing students’ practical knowledge during initial training as prospecting teachers. This case study sets out the voice and opinions of a student taking part in a lesson study process. The aim was to further understand how the student’s opinions around teaching change both during and after her involvement in the different phases of Lesson Study. Information was obtained through semi-structured interviews, observations, photo and video records, document analysis and field diaries. We were also interested in understanding the student’s perception of the influence of mentoring and tutoring on her professional development while accompanying her in her reflection about teaching. The results show that Lesson Study, as a cooperative curriculum creation process, provides prospecting teachers with opportunities to build their identity as professionals within a network of peers in which they interact in order to learn together. Focused on the context of initial teacher training, this article could lead to a new approach to Lesson Study as a strategy that can bring about more relevant transformations while teachers’ beliefs, values and dispositions are still at an early stage of construction.

Palabras Clave esson study; practical knowledge; tacit knowledge; pre-service teacher training; academic and professional practice; final degree project.

Autores-as Pérez Granados, L., Alcaraz Salarirche, N., Fernández Navas, M. y Postigo Fuentes, A. Y.

Revista Educational Action Research, Volumen 30, nº 3, pp. 1-18

¿Cómo citar? Pérez-Granados, L., Alcaraz-Salarirche, N., Fernández-Navas, M., y Postigo-Fuentes, A. Y.(2022). Action research through lesson study: a space for learning in initial teacher training. Educational Action Research, 30(3), 1-18.